As the final phase of a master plan, Bigby caps off more than a decade and over two million square feet of development by Crescent in the Cool Springs submarket. Deliberately conceived to be an alternative to the legacy single-use office buildings and corporate business parks so prevalent in Cool Springs and throughout suburban America, Bigby starts at the pedestrian scale to deliver a place uniquely created to be the most complementary community to how people prefer to live, work and play today. Bringing a true town center to this fast-growing area while embracing the distinctive topography of Middle Tennessee, Bigby offers beautifully terraced buildings and green spaces, including a signature park. It’s all connected through a network of thoughtfully-designed trails and sidewalks, fostering interaction to create a dynamic, close-knit neighborhood. Bigby’s 200,000+ square feet of commercial office and retail space, 330 luxury apartments, 15 townhomes and 200-room hotel will empower those who live, work and play there to blur the lines throughout the day, week and year to provide the highest quality-of-life whether at home or at the office.