Bigby. Life is about layers. Stories from the past collaborate with visions of the future. Personal passions layer on career aspirations. It's about creating new experiences designed into natural landscapes. The 'Bigby Cannon' limestone classification is prevalent in Central Tennessee and in Williamson County. It's easily recognized by a horizontal layered look and often seen cut through for roadways. Limestone preserves the past and is helping to build the future. The layered stratigraphy of Tennessee's stunning limestone formations reminds us of the intricate relationship between our personal pursuits and the environment around us.


Where Franklin's charm meets Nashville's energy, you get Bigby – a community that truly rises above the rest. Named after the native stratified bedrock upon which it's built – the prevalent Bigby-Cannon limestone – we are building a community that celebrates the layers of life. Where stories from the past collaborate with visions of the future. Where personal passions layer on career aspirations. Where new experiences are designed into natural landscapes.

Steeped in charm and history, the city of Franklin truly glimmers among the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, especially with nearby Cool Springs attracting notable businesses and retail over the past decade. Soon, at the intersection of these two distinctive places, Crescent Communities will introduce an entirely new way to experience the area: Bigby. By bringing together inspired residential, retail, office and restaurant space into a contemporary, convenient environment, the Cool Springs submarket will become home to this pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community of tomorrow. Compact and curated, Bigby will redefine what it means to live, work and play here – with a new, energetic, urban-influenced experience. After nearly 15 years of Crescent investment in and development of this fast-growing area, Bigby caps it all off by providing a true town center that embraces the distinctive regional topography through beautifully terraced land, buildings and green spaces – including a 12-acre signature park. Here you’ll find an immensely walkable community that fosters interaction at every turn, setting the stage for a dynamic, close-knit neighborhood.